Gin Guild members and makers of Hapusa and Greater Than Gin, NAÖ Spirits have decided to change a glitch in Gin’s history – William Hogarth’s “Gin Lane”.

Part reality, part propaganda, this misleading piece of art was created at a time when Gin was the most popular drink of choice in London. Brimming with death, disease, and disgust, Gin Lane aimed to point out the evils of Gin-drinking, becoming iconic in no time. 271 years later, with Gin once again rising as the popular choice around the world, Their team wanted to take a shot at reimagining Gin Lane through fresh eyes.

Aparajita Ninan, Co-Founder and Creative Head for NAÖ Spirits said of the initiative –

We’re a young brand with big plans of leading the way for Gin into the future, in India and around the world. We always say, Greater Than is the “people’s Gin” – an equaliser that brings together all ages, genders, cultures, and communities, and so we did. We brought together 5 of India’s best contemporary artists to help us redefine Gin by re-addressing the most iconic work in the history of the spirit.”

Priyesh Trivedi, Priya Kuriyan, Shweta Sharma, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Saswata & Susruta Mukherjee (Bob & Bobby) have created their unique, modern interpretations of Gin Lane while following the basic structure Hogarth had created back in 1751 – something that’s never been done before. “This collaboration between the artists and Greater Than is our attempt at correcting what we feel is wrong (or at the very least – dated), and to make Gin Greater together!” says Ninan.


The original artworks were revealed at a unique experience curated by Greater Than on 2nd July 2022 at STIR, Delhi, hosted by the quick-witted Abish Mathew with tunes by Ron E & Bassic Boy, and Parimal Shais & Friends. The evening hosted art, artists, chatter, and Gin, of course, with specially curated cocktails based on each artwork. Limited edition prints of the 5 masterpieces are now up for sale from 2nd July 2022 with a portion of sales going back to the artists themselves. These prints can be purchased online here on their website.

Why do this now? Because it’s 2022! The Gin world deserves better (read Greater). Keep an eye out for these one-of-a-kind creations.