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Feddie Ocean Distillery
Muren 1,

Email: post@feddiedistillery.no

Website: https://www.feddiedistillery.no

The recently-established distillery Feddie Ocean Distillery is located on Fedje, a beautiful island off the west coast of Norway, a short boat ride from Bergen. They are the only certified organic distillery in Norway, and produce gin, aquavit and whisky.

Our distillers, Vicky Muir-Taylor, Therese Storebø Østervold and the rest of the team, ensure that their products constantly meet the highest quality. As well as distilling gin, Therese is a well-known cocktail bartender. This ensures that their recipes are produced with insights into how the products are actually used.

The distillery is open for visitors on request.

The Stills at Feddie Ocean Distillery