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Bottling it – Glass innovation

Nolan Kane

Glass innovation – Bespoke or off the shelf, decoration, size and the design process. Design trends and innovation. Brand penetration, line extensions and scalability.

Energetic, passionate and always found with a smile on his face, Nolan Kane loves experiencing great drinks with great people in great places.

With this passion Nolan tirelessly strives to bring some of craft’s most exciting and stand out brands to life, to allow more people to experience them.

Working for Allied Glass Nolan has worked with over 100 breakthrough brands, including BrewDog Spirits, the Lakes Distillery, Jawbox Gin, Blackwoods, Mason’s of Yorkshire, and Manchester Gin.

Allied Glass, trusted by the world’s finest brands for 145 years. Specialising in bespoke glass bottles and decoration.

Allied Glass
69 South Accommodation Road,
LS10 1NQ
Phone: 0113 245 1568 / 0788 570 9336