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Assenzio Gin


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IWSC 2023 Bronze Award Winner

Assenzio Gin

From Stregatto

Stregatto Gin Assenzio is an authentic Italian artisanal masterpiece, which contains the rich cultural heritage of Castelfranco Veneto in every drop. Produced in small batches, it comes from meticulous hand-made infusions, using exclusively the highest quality raw materials that the territory can offer.

Their tradition of excellence is expressed through rigorous continuous triple distillation, which extracts only the purest essence of the spirit, to obtain a very fine alcohol base that combine with a selection of the highest quality native botanicals. The result is an elixir with a unique, enveloping and multi-awarded IWSC personality.

10 aromatic herbs, spices and roots, grown with passion in our lands, are carefully infused into the precious alcohol of barley, corn and castellan grains. This is how Stregatto Gin was born
A gin that fascinates with its balsamic and spicy notes of juniper, culminating in a delicate spicy finish, typical of black pepper. A complex, fragrant and full-bodied taste.

100% Italian, local and superior quality ingredients, including juniper, angelica root, coriander, bergamot, sage, mint, blueberries, wormwood leaves, licorice and
black pepper, carefully selected to guarantee inimitable authenticity.

The incredible scent and flavour of Stregatto Gin Absinthe are the result of a fascinating union between Italy and the tropics. On the one hand, the majestic Mediterranean with its bright colors, the warmth of the sun and the enveloping scents of its gardens. On the other, a breeze coming from the distant Caribbean Sea, which brings with it a hint of exoticism.

The brand draws inspiration from the timeless magic of "Alice in Wonderland" and her mysterious feline friend, which inspired the name of this extraordinary creation.
Cheshire Cat Gin Absinthe represents a passionate journey of growth and discovery, similar to the fairy-tale adventures of Alice alongside the Cheshire Cat.

Each sip invites you to discover the unpredictable and transports you through flavor nuances that explode on the palate. The boundaries between the real and the imaginary are blurred, and the charm of
fairy tale blends with the emotion of a gin that will leave you with an indelible memory.

Gin-Note.com™ flavour guidance

Bold and Aromatic

Balsamic and spicy notes of juniper, culminating in a delicate spicy finish, typical of black pepper.

Recommended garnish: mint/black pepper

Ideal serve: G&T with plenty of ice

Roman mugwort
Black Pepper

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Nose:Fragrant notes of juniper and aromatic herbs
Palate:Pungent and spicy
Finish:Final note of liquorice
Serve:Smooth with 2 ice cubes or classic gin & tonic