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Malaria Gin


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IWSC 2023 Silver Award Winner

Malaria Gin

From Raven Clan Distillery

Malaria Gin invites you to take a trip back in time. It was 1840 when the troops of the military campaigns in the East Indies were stricken by malaria. To combat this disease, soldiers resorted to quinine powder which, because of its bitterness, was combined with water and sugar in order to be consumed.

But this potion needed a special ingredient to improve its flavour and give it more value to the troops: the gin. That was the origin of our current and beloved Gin Tonic. Malaria Gin pays tribute to the magic of blending ingredients to achieve history-making results.

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Floral and Aromatic

Flower infused Gin friendly and easy to drink; with tonic, its floral notes are enhanced on a citric body, becoming an refreshing cocktail.

Ideal mixer: Tonic

Recommended garnish: Orange peels, Roses or Jasmine petals.

Ideal serve: Classic tonic


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Nose:With great aromatic intensity and friendly attack, it initially refers to floral notes, juniper and herbs, on a subtle base of spices and a moderate sweetness. In a second nose, citrus begins to be felt amalgamated with complex spicy notes.
Palate:With a very light body and attractive entry. In the mouth it is perceived with an intense character and fresh and unctuous texture. Flowers, herbs and juniper are flavors that are easily identified, followed by very subtle spices and citrus.
Finish:Short to moderate persistence, its after taste is pleasant, with delicate notes of flowers and herbs.
Serve:Prepared with tonic, its floral and herbal notes are enhanced over a citric and subtly spicy body, thus transforming it into an extremely light and refreshing cocktail. It can be accompanied with citrus garnishes such as orange peel or floral ones such as rose petals and jasmine. The sensory experience of drinking it as a Gin Tonic is completed with the particular visual effect of color change, in which it changes from intense blue to pink during serving.