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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Croc Rock Gin

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IWSC 2021 Bronze Award Winner

Croc Rock Gin

From Isle of Cumbrae Distillers

Croc Rock gin celebrates Millport's Crocodile Rock, one of the most recognised symbols of the Isle of Cumbrae for over 100 years. We all love the Croc and felt no botanical could better represent our affection than cacao, the main ingredient in dark chocolate… They are happy to report that none of the calories get transferred.

When the smooth silky taste of chocolate meets the bright zesty notes of orange in a bottle of gin, no two flavours hit it off better, the bittersweet astringency of the cacao complementing the sweet robust orange in a perfect balance.

And finally, they chose stem ginger as their final feature botanical, because crocodiles do have the potential to bite. Cooked slowly in syrup to give a warm richness, fresh citrusy aromas and a slight kick of heat, ginger creates an exotic, sweet and peppery warmth to the finish.™ flavour guidance

Complex and Chocolatey

The smooth silky taste of chocolate meets the bright zesty notes of orange with the warm richness of ginger giving a kick of heat

Ideal mixer: Light tonic

Recommended garnish: Orange or a slice of ginger

Ideal serve: Gin and Tonic


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Nose:Sweet, Warm, Citrus
Palate:Chocolate, Orange, Ginger, Juniper
Finish:Complex with citrus finish
Serve:Gin and Tonic served with a slice of orange or ginger