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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Carabus Gin

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IWSC 2021 Bronze Award Winner

Carabus Gin

From Papillon Dartmoor Distillery

Carabus Gin, a special edition collaboration with TV presenter Nick Baker, is distilled with woodland botanicals of hawthorn and rowan berries, wood sorrel and hazelnuts.

Named Carabus in celebration of the Dartmoor woodland-dwelling rare Blue Ground Beetle (Carabus intricatus), with £2 from every bottle donated to Buglife.

Rowan and hawthorn berries give a fresh, fruity tang to start the flavour journey. Nettles and wood sorrel add a zing leafy note, while cubeb, cardamom and cassia give subtle spice notes. The hazelnuts lend a lovely weight and texture.™ flavour guidance

Subtle and Oily

Creamy smooth flavour. Rowan and hawthorn berries give a fresh, fruity tartness to start with hazelnuts to leave a pearly finish.

Ideal mixer: A light tonic

Ideal serve: Double measure, over ice, with a light tonic


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