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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

IWSC Gold Outstanding
Vento Carsico Gin

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IWSC 2021 Gold Outstanding Award Winner

Vento Carsico Gin

From Jo Ressel

Jo Ressel Gin Vento Carsico was created by a young Italian Michelin starred Chef, Emin Haziri, with the desire to combine in a Gin his personal taste, developed thanks to various working experiences in the world's best restaurants (Noma, Le Petit Nice Passedat, Villa Crespi and Mudec to mention a few) and the flavours of his home territory, the Carso (Karst) of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

It is aromatic and well balanced. The tasting experience is inspired by a walk in a karstic trail: the Mugo Pine, the Savory, the wild Sage and the Hyssop provide a woody, balsamic and herbal experience, accompanied by the juniper and lemon zest freshness, plus a secret botanical.

As the Gin was created by a Chef, the focus of the recipe has been to perfectly balance all flavours in an amazing taste with all servings. Vento Carsico is amazing tasted in pure form, in G&T and in the Martini Cocktail and mixology. But not only that, the Gin takes one step further, becoming an ingredient of kitchen recipes, especially with game and meat dishes and fine-dining pastry.™ flavour guidance

Herbal and Resinous

Bright, fresh and foresty with a pine nose. Burst of pine needles and a dash of honey on the palate. Woody and resinous finish.

Ideal mixer: Classic Tonic

Recommended garnish: Dried Lime

Ideal serve: Best serve is in pure form. Amazing in G&T and Martini Cocktail. Also created to be used as kitchen ingredient, in game dishes and fine-dining pastry.

Lemon zest
Pine, Savory, Sage, Hyssop

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Nose:Bright, fresh and foresty with a pleasant pine nose.
Palate:Bright sappy notes with fabulous burst of pine needles and a dash of honey on the palate.
Finish:Good structure with woody finish leaving an interesting and long resinous finish.
Serve:Try it in a Martini Cocktail, you'll be amazed!