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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Araxa London Dry Gin

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IWSC 2021 Bronze Award Winner

Araxa London Dry Gin

From Netbulk

ARAXA is an Ultra Premium Contemporary London Dry Gin is produced with unique super-botanicals such as Goji Berries, Bodrum Satsumas and Sansho Peppers, grown in the out skirts of the Taurus mountains, in the micro-climate region of Southern Turkey. The Botanicals used in this gin are precisely grown in the region with utmost care and hand picked to perfection in creating this unique product.

It introduces itself with a unique balance on the tip of your tongue, which leads into a smooth blossom of Juniper, providing the perfect foundation to unfold its layered, vibrant complexity. Zesty notes of Bodrum Satsuma steadily accompanied by the subtle, earthy sweetness of Goji Berry, making space for a spicy nudge of Sansho Pepper - just before a velvety hint of vanilla will be all that remains on the palate.

Unapologetically dry and meticulously refined by the unparalleled craftsmanship of England's master distillers. The result is an exceptionally well balanced London Dry Gin - redefining contemporary and best enjoyed chilled - below room temperature - neat, with a small cube of ice.

The base ingredients which make up the classic London Dry foundation are Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Roots and Oris Roots.
The peak notes which make up the Contemporary side of the gin are Red Goji Berries, Bodrum Satsumas, Sansho Pepper and Vanilla.™ flavour guidance

Balanced and Elegant

Subtle sweetness of Goji Berry with the vibrant zesty notes of the Bodrum Satsuma and the zesty-spiced kick of Sansho Pepper.

Ideal mixer: A mixer is not recommended but if preferred a very light tonic can be used.

Recommended garnish: Sprinkle of Red Goji Berries or if available a single piece of dried bodrum satsuma lime.

Ideal serve: Serve Neat in an ice-cold lowball glass, chilled (at least down to 9 degrees C) filled to 1/3.


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Nose:Subtle hints of Juniper and Goji Berry.
Palate:Balanced flavours all the way through blending of earthy notes of Goji Berry with the zesty Satsuma
Finish:Spicy kick of Sansho Pepper rounded with the velvety hint of Vanilla.
Serve:Neat with a chilled glass and a cube of ice.