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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Awildian Coromandel Mānuka Gin

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IWSC 2021 Silver Award Winner

Awildian Coromandel Mānuka Gin

From Coromandel Distilling Company

A mixture of wilderness, science, imagination, and reason, this wood-rested Old Tom style gin combines premium sugarcane alcohol, Tongan vanilla, Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascan pepper, Seville orange, fresh Ginger, mānuka honey, and a further 14 carefully selected ingredients.

After maceration and a very gentle heating process, the distillation is undertaken with utmost care leading to a very narrow distillation 'heart' before getting married with soft water from the Coromandel Ranges.

As is the standard for all Awildian gins, they refrain from chill filtering this golden Old Tom Gin to preserve its magic. This Mānuka Gin is distilled in micro-batches and then rests in carefully toasted mānuka wood - coated with medicinal-grade mānuka honey - for no less than three months.™ flavour guidance

Smooth and Spice

A highly complex drop, yet well-rounded and beautifully rich.

Ideal mixer: Spiced Orange or Smoky Ginger Ale

Recommended garnish: Orange Zest and a cinnamon quill

Voatsiperifery pepper

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Nose:Warm and inviting followed by caramelised sweetness
Palate:Silky smooth with rich, fudgy caramel and herbal notes: an invigorating gin with extensive juniper, manuka and warming flavours
Finish:Powerful and long with cardamom at the fore.