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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

St. Giles Gin

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IWSC 2021 Bronze Award Winner

St. Giles Gin

From Norwich Dry Gin Company

A light and refreshing contemporary gin with fresh notes of lemongrass and rose petal.

Distilled extremely slowly, St. Giles boasts a luxurious smoothness which pairs beautifully with its delicate and subtle nature.

A gin to be enjoyed in a classic G + T on a warm summers evening.™ flavour guidance

Fresh and Smooth

Delicate and subtle, St. Giles Gin is beautifully light and refreshing, boasting a luxurious smoothness and immense depth of flavour.

Ideal mixer: Plain premium tonic

Recommended garnish: Slice of fresh orange

Ideal serve: Plain premium tonic with a slice of fresh orange and ice

Fresh lemongrass
Delicate rose-petals

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Nose:Fresh lemongrass with a hint of rose.
Palate:Refreshing citrus, followed by a delicate mix of floral.
Finish:Well rounded and satisfying with the tiniest hint of exotic spice.
Serve:Plain premium tonic, a slice of fresh orange and ice