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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin

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IWSC 2021 Silver Award Winner

Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin

From Four Pillars Distillery

An Asian-inspired gin with native botanicals, our Modern Australian Gin is bright and dry - a modern classic gin.

Red and green Szechuan give it a lovely warm mouthfeel, while the macadamia nuts add softness and an almost creamy palate.

The fresh apples, ginger and grapefruit peel, along with dry native quandong, give the gin fruit and lift.™ flavour guidance

Graceful and Bright

Asian-inspired along with indigenous botanicals, it has warmth and spice, lifted with fruity notes. A modern Aussie Dry Gin.

Ideal mixer: Mediterranean Tonic

Recommended garnish: Lemon wheel

Szechuan peppercorns

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Nose:A soft fragrance of pepper on the nose, alongside lashings of juniper and fruit aromas.
Palate:A supple juiciness supplied by native Australian quandongs, apples and grapefruit and roundness on the palate which stems from the Australian macadamia nut oils.
Finish:A tingling warm sensation provided by the red and green Szechuan pepper and ginger.
Serve:A superbly fresh gin and tonic, garnished with lemon or grapefruit, or otherwise suitable in any classic gin cocktail.