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IWSC 2021 Gin Winners

Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin

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IWSC 2021 Silver Award Winner

Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin

From Spirit of Wales Distillery

The majority of the botanicals are macerated in wheat-based alcohol for three days; juniper, citrus and spice. Next, the alcohol is strained and added to the Still.

The floral and herbaceous botanicals are then added to the vapour infusion basket and the distillation is started. A hearts cut is taken based upon the flavour profile of the distillate and this cut is then diluted with water to 43% ABV once the distillation is complete.™ flavour guidance

Fresh and Creamy

A citrus fruit led gin balanced with subtle herbaceous floral notes and a hint of fragrant spice.

Ideal mixer: Mediterranean style tonic

Recommended garnish: Peel of a fresh orange

Ideal serve: Mediterranean style tonic and the peel of a fresh orange


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Nose:Up front, fresh lemon peel that mellows to a lemon curd like sweetness. Subtle floral violet-like tones from orris root and rosemary follow. Cardamom spice lingers in the background along with bold and resinous juniper notes.
Palate:Sweet characteristics of juniper, cassia bark and orris root. Juicy citrus notes are bought out with the addition of tonic, reminiscent of pink grapefruit, lemonade, or marmalade.
Finish:Menthol freshness from cardamom gives the Gin a lasting finish.