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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Pothecary Trinity Blend Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Pothecary Trinity Blend Gin

From Soapbox Spirits

Trinity was created to deliver a benchmark, classic style gin, using their rather unconventional, multiple distillation and blending method. The idea was to deliver a gin that was clearly what gin should be at its core, but with intensity and smoothness, and a little characteristic Pothecary Gin twist!

So, working on the basis that gin is essentially Juniper first, and using their fabulous organic Serbian Juniper, they then worked on the other most common elements in 'classic' gins; starting with coriander seed, the second most used botanical in gin across the world, and then working on a citrus element, the third most commonly used aroma and flavour in gin, but in the case of Trinity they chose to use Bergamot rather than lemon, orange, grapefruit or lime.

The Bergamot adds a wonderful fragrance to the gin, and of course the desirable citrus element on the palate. There are only these three botanicals in Trinity - hence the name! It works perfectly as a classic G&T with ice and a slice, and also very well in cocktails as it is bottled at 49% ABV.™ flavour guidance

Classic and Intense

Undeniably Juniper led, piney, with clean citrus, and the warming spice of coriander seed, all lifted by the fragrance of Bergamot.

Ideal mixer: Indian Dry Tonic

Recommended garnish: A slice, or zested peel of fresh lemon or orange

Ideal serve: As a 'classic' G&T with a standard Indian Dry Tonic water, ice and a slice, or zested peel of lemon or orange.

smooth, organic Juniper
Fragrant Bergamot citrus
Warming Coriander seed

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Nose:Piney Juniper with the aromatic fragrance of Bergamot, and warm coriander spice.
Palate:Clean, fresh and intense, with the smoothness from Juniper and warmth of coriander spice, balanced by the sharpness of citrus.
Finish:A smooth, warm and intense finish, coriander spice leading onto the clean citrus from Bergamot.
Serve:'classic' G&T with standard Indian Dry Tonic, ice and a slice!