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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Holly’s Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Holly’s Gin

From H Harwood

Originally from Cornwall, Holly Harwood’s main passion is gin! With over 10 years of knowledge working in the gin industry, Holly decided to follow her dream and produce her own gin in 2018, and successfully distilled batch 001 after a Crowd-funding campaign.

Holly’s Gin is a small-batch, award-winning gin inspired by Holly’s love of Art Deco and a London Dry. These beautiful bottles are sold in many outlets across Cornwall, with stockists growing out of county too.

It took Holly 2 years to create the final recipe. A wonderful blend of 9 botanicals, including passion flower, gentian root and orange. The gin is now distilled in two 300l copper pot stills called Doris and Rose at Trevethan Distillery in Saltash, Cornwall. Holly fills and labels her bottles, handwriting the batch numbers on each one too!™ flavour guidance

Fresh and Smooth

Citrus sherbet with generous juniper heat. Fresh, moreish, with a subtle sweetness. Smooth all the way through to the end!

Ideal mixer: Premium Indian

Recommended garnish: Orange peel

Ideal serve: G&T

Passion Flower

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Nose:Orange peel, cardamom
Palate:Citrus sherbet, rooty
Serve:G&T - 50ml Holly's Gin, plenty of ice, premium tonic, orange peel garnish