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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Three Cuts Chardonnay Barrel Rested Gin

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

Three Cuts Chardonnay Barrel Rested Gin

From Turner Stillhouse

This bespoke gin is made from scratch in small batches in Tasmania. Carefully distilled from a premium grape base, pure Tasmanian water and a unique blend of Tasmanian grown and internationally sourced botanicals.

Founder’s Release gin is award winning with twelve botanicals and three cuts of rose, it is rested in Tasmanian Chardonnay barrels, providing a subtle colour and rich chardonnay influence. This gin is ideal for creating your favourite cocktail or sipping slowly over ice.™ flavour guidance

Complex and Impressive

Bold fruit with ginger, sherbet and herbal notes. Sweet cinnamon palate and rounded barrel characteristics.

Ideal mixer: Soda / other

Recommended garnish: Orange peel

Ideal serve: Neat over ice, with soda, or as a base for an old fashioned or negroni.


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Nose:Fruit, oak
Palate:Complex and soft
Finish:Bold fruit and spice with barrel influence
Serve:Neat over ice, with soda or as a base for an old fashioned, negroni.