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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Three Cuts Distillers Release Gin

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IWSC 2020 Gold Award Winner

Three Cuts Distillers Release Gin

From Turner Stillhouse

Three Cuts "Distiller's Release" is the second gin released by Turner Stillhouse and now multi-award winning internationally. Our bespoke gin is made from scratch in small batches in Tasmania. Carefully distilled from a premium grape base, pure Tasmanian water and a unique blend of Tasmanian grown and internationally sourced botanicals.

The name Three Cuts is derived from the three cuts of rose we distill into our gin. This includes fresh locally grown roses from the Tamar Valley near our distillery.

Layered notes of green cardamom, fresh lime and lemon, juniper (organic), coriander seed, a hint of white peppercorn and three cuts of rose makes our gin ideal for creating your favourite cocktail or sipping slowly over ice.™ flavour guidance

Vibrant and Bright

Full bodied citrus prevails with a terrific balance of spice, floral and mineral notes.

Ideal mixer: dry/light tonic

Recommended garnish: Fresh lemon or lime. Rosemary or thyme sprig optional

Ideal serve: With a dry/light tonic, soda water, a base for a citrus inspired cocktail, or neat over ice.

Fresh Lemon and Lime
Green Cardamom

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Nose:Elaborate Citrus
Palate:Layered, complex and balanced
Finish:Citrus, spice, mineral
Serve:Light tonic, soda or neat over ice