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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

N.I.P Rare Dry Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

N.I.P Rare Dry Gin

From Hong Kong Craft Distilling

The N.I.P. Gin is created using 21 different botanicals ranging from traditional botanicals of classic dry gin to ones that represent Hong Kong's own flavour. What the brand wants to achieve with its recipe is to find a harmony between various aromas and flavours to create a complex yet balanced spirit, and at the same time pay tribute to its roots - the heritage of the city and people.

Below are some of the key botanicals that contribute to the flavours of the gin:
a) Juniper berries
b) Coriander seeds
c) Angelica roots
d) Longjing tea leaves
e) Shoumei tea leaves
f) Fresh pear
g) Aged tangerine peel (Chenpi)
h) Goji berries
i) Ginger
j) Osmanthus™ flavour guidance

Delicate and Elegant

N.I.P Gin is complex but well-balanced, offering the characteristics of a traditional dry gin complemented with distinct Hong Kong flavours

Ideal mixer: Indian tonic

Recommended garnish: Grapefruit peel

Ideal serve: Gin & Tonic ratio is 1:2. The spirit also goes well with Martini


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Nose:This particular aroma is unique, sweet and fragrant, which comes from the osmanthus that we use to create a welcoming first impression. Following this opening comes the refreshing scent of pear and soothing fragrance of tea.
Palate:Complex but well-balanced spirit that offers characteristics of a traditional dry gin complemented with some distinct Hong Kong flavours. The gin is sweet and juniper forward to begin with, followed by refreshing flavours of lemon, grapefruit and pear. Upon further swirling on the tongue, more delicate and subtle fragrances and flavours from the tea, aged tangerine peel and ginger will begin to surface, which combines to elevate the initial profile upon first sip.
Finish:The finish is graceful with touches of warmer spices rounding off a long, soothing and complex palate that provides plenty of flavours and sensations for the audience to explore.