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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

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IWSC 2020 Gold Award Winner

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

From Four Pillars Distillery

Four Pillars is a small Australian distillery based in Healesville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. Founded in 2013, we make a variety of gin based on our four pillars of great copper stills; pristine Yarra Valley water; traditional, exotic and indigenous botanicals, and a massive amount of love and attention to detail at every stage of our craft.

Wilma was our first 450L copper pot still, commissioned from CARL in Stuttgart (the best artisan still makers in the world). Today, with more gins to make and constant growth, Wilma has been joined by big sisters Jude and Beth and little sisters Eileen and Coral (who are perfect for experimental distilling).

We now proudly share a diverse range of gins, ranging from our original multi award winning Rare Dry Gin, to our bloody awesome Bloody Shiraz Gin. Four Pillars is bringing our delicious, modern Australian take on gin to the world.

These days our efforts extend to ageing gins in our solera of barrels, making delicious marmalade from left over gin-steamed oranges, as well as distilling a gin with Christmas puddings used in the botanical basket. Our love in our work continues to grow and everything we do is designed to elevate the craft of distilling gin in Australia.

Four Pillars Gin was named the 2019 International Gin Producer of the Year Award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.™ flavour guidance

Fresh and Sweet

A Yarra Valley love child, steeping cool climate shiraz grapes in gin. Juniper, citrus and spice with ripe grape sweetness.

Ideal mixer: Bitter Lemon

Recommended garnish: Lemon slice

White pepper

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Nose:Immediate pine forest juniper notes with white pepper and red berries.
Palate:Luscious flavours of ripe and dried fruits, underlying candied orange and red wine like spicy notes, comparable to baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.
Finish:A persistent yet balanced sweetness on the palate.
Serve:A gin at heart, versatile and valuable in an array of cocktails, or delicious and refreshing with a soda water or bitter lemon, served long over ice with a slice of lemon for a garnish.