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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

QVT London Dry Gin

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

QVT London Dry Gin

From QVT Distillerie

For a taste of Provence you need to look no further than QVT Gin. It is a flavoursome gin made following the London Dry distillation method, with a clear core of juniper and classic botanicals combined with citrus, floral and herbaceous notes. They subtly use herbs from Provence like rosemary and lavender so that they complement, but don't overpower, the gin.

They also add alcohol extracted from local rosé winemaking in the distillation, which contributes to creating layers of taste and a smooth finish. Their aim was to create a gin with a strong juniper core that can be used as a base in most gin drinks, with subtle undertones of Provence that makes it equally delicious to enjoy neat, or over ice, and that will bring the feeling of Provence to your glass.™ flavour guidance

Elegant and Smooth

QVT gin is smooth, with a core of juniper, followed by citrus and subtle, not overpowering, undertones of herbs from Provence.

Ideal mixer: Low sugar tonic, Mediterranean style

Recommended garnish: Lemon peel or rosemary

Ideal serve: On its own, in a Gin and Tonic or in a Gimlet


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Nose:Juniper is instantly evident on the nose alongside florals and lemon peel
Palate:Herbaceous notes that build into the finish
Finish:Smooth and full
Serve:Neat over ice, with tonic or in a Gimlet