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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Speziata Aqva Di Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Speziata Aqva Di Gin

From Bespoke Distillery

A collection inspired by the world of perfumes and the olfactory pyramid used to perceive the sensations that each fragrance arouses. The same concept was applied to create the original taste of AQVA DI GIN's distilled fragrances: Citrus, Floral and SPICE.™ flavour guidance

Spice and Creamy

Aromatic with intense spice notes that pave the way for the warm heart notes of galangal and tonka bean with a spicy finish of pink pepper.

Ideal mixer: Very suitable for mixing, Ideal for punch and or pre-dinner cocktails such as Negroni

Recommended garnish: None; or citrus peel

Ideal serve: Taste with ice

Red Juniper
Galangal & Tonka Bean

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Nose:Aromatic with spice notes of galangal, tonka bean and pink pepper.
Palate:Intense and round with spicy hints.
Finish:The finish persists with a creamy texture.
Serve:In combination with food, it gives new characterisations to the same drink and different olfactory experiences.