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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Tea Garden Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Tea Garden Gin

From Chesford Garden Gin

‘Tea Garden’ is quite simply a take on tea in the garden – G with Tea; the inclusion of Orange Pekoe black tea (a family favourite) being described as “creating a light and heady gin with huge presence on the palate”.

Juniper blended with garden-inspired botanicals evoking a warm summer's afternoon in an English garden, sipping tea - or G&T - with garden herbs, citrus, and a dash of warmth. Cheers!™ flavour guidance

Smooth and Fresh

A take on tea in the garden featuring orange pekoe tea. Lemon verbena citrus & herbs, as bright as the sun, underpinned by biscuity spice.

Ideal mixer: Classic Indian Tonic

Recommended garnish: Edible Flowers or Tangerine Peel

Ideal serve: As a sipping gin over ice and a tangerine wedge - or add Indian Tonic for a citrus spritz

Christmas cake

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Nose:Warm dry garden flowers. Juniper sweetness holds hands with the orange pekoe. An underlying herbaceous layer stitches all of this together.
Palate:Herbal tea and edible flowers are instantly recognised, however they clearly respect the classic gin that sits beneath. Oily juniper becomes evident in equal measure.
Finish:Petals and sweet black tea - with closed eyes the distilled embodiment of the garden stays with you
Serve:A chamomile flower - in fact any edible flower, or celebrate the orange pekoe in balance with a torn piece of tangerine peel giving exquisite complexity.