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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Gin Eva Old Tom

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

Gin Eva Old Tom

From Winterling Maier

GIN EVA Old Tom, is barrelled for several months in old Mallorcan red wine barrels, the result is an amber coloured Gin. Juniper, citrus and oak are balanced, with a slight sweetness which makes it bold and round.

Only 1000 - 1500 bottles are produced of the Old Tom, a great sipping gin, which goes very well with Vermouth and Bitters.™ flavour guidance

Aromatic and Smooth

Zesty flamed orange, oak and juniper spice with a creamy caramel, bold and round long lasting balanced smooth finish.

Ideal mixer: Vermouth and Bitters

Ideal serve: 5cl Old Tom, 3cl Italian Vermouth, one dash of Angostura Bitter, stir on ice, stream in a coupe and garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

Growing wild
Locally grown

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Nose:Orange, Oak, Vanilla and Cassia Bark
Palate:Oak, Juniper, Citrus, sweet Caramel, bold and round.
Finish:Spicy, Juniper, long lasting, smooth
Serve:With Vermouth or Bitters