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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Savoy Gin

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

Savoy Gin

From SIS Industries

Savoy Gin is the leader of the category in the Central and Eastern Balkans. The high qualities of Savoy Gin are evidenced by the numerous awards that has received from renowned international competitions, both in Europe and USA. The latest major accolade that Gin Savoy was awarded with is a Gold medal from the SIP Awards Competition, USA which is the only internationally recognised consumer judging spirits competition.

Savoy Gin is a premium gin that uses 10 botanicals to produce an elegant gin with layers, subtle flavours and aromas. Savoy Gin has a great depth of flavours with deep earthy notes and a wonderful fresh juniper and lemony bite. It offers a perfect balance of aroma and taste and compelling sensation. The finish is long, elegant and dry.

Savoy Gin is produced by SIS Industries – the biggest wine and spirits producer in Bulgaria. The company is among the best producers in this sector in Eastern Europe, with an impressive portfolio of over 35 different brands and numerous category leaders. SIS Industries has established a network of trusted partners worldwide that import both, it's famous brands and private label products.™ flavour guidance

Complex and Bittersweet

A subtle Savoy gin paying homage to traditional juniper-led flavours with an elegant lightly spiced finish.

Ideal mixer: Mixed with classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Plenty of ice and a slice of lemon

Warming juniper
Lemon juice

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Nose:Multi-layered, with a predominant aroma of juniper and elegant citrus notes
Palate:Fascinating complex flavour, accompanied by colourful fruit accents and spicy finish
Finish:long and spicy finish
Serve:12 - 15 °C