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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Wutach London Dry Gin

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Wutach London Dry Gin

From Edeldestillerie Indlekofer

Tradition and local ties play an important role in the origin of Wutach London Dry Gin. Produced by Edeldestillerie Indlekofer, located in the middle of the Wutach Valley in Germany, this is where the gin finds its name. Just like the wild Black Forest in the Wutach Valley, with its natural splendor and unique fauna and flora, Wutach London Dry Gin is unique with a colorful bouquet of natural aromas that can be enjoyed while visualising an image of this beautiful landscape.

100% made by Edeldestillerie Indlekofe, Wutach gin is distilled in small batches, bottled and labeled by hand. Juniper, lavender, citrus fruits, cubeb pepper and cinnamon are just a part of its 19 botanicals which give the gin its unique taste. The gentle processing of natural ingredients in organic quality, fresh Black Forest spring water and, last but not least, many years of experience in the production of fine brandies make Wutach gin a harmonious pleasure.™ flavour guidance

Impressive and Classic

A very balanced, mild but complex gin

Ideal mixer: Indian tonic

Recommended garnish: Orange or lemon peel

Ideal serve: Indian tonic water garnished with orange or lemon peel.


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