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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Ouwe Genever

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IWSC 2020 Silver Award Winner

Ouwe Genever

From The Stillery

The Stillery’s Ouwe Genever is made up of 27% spelt malt wine - a very malty spirit, made from spelt grain, and created by making a distillate from a grain fermentation from which the grain has not been filtered. The malt wine is used to macerate botanicals before distillation.

Both hoppy and poppy, The Stillery’s Ouwe Genever use two types of hops, Amarillo hops and Citra, and the poppy seeds give the Genever extra length and body. Other botanicals include ceylon, licorice and anise, all grown locally and organically.

The Stillery’s Ouwe Genever can be paired perfectly with a variety of hoppy craft beers. Before the spirit is put on cask, a tincture of citra hops is added so that the hops stand out even better. The Genever is aged on American White Oak, for a short time of usually six months depending on the barrel.™ flavour guidance

Complex and Smooth

Fresh and crisp hoppy aroma, smooth and malty flavours

Ideal mixer: Ginger Ale

Recommended garnish: Mint

Ideal serve: Neat next to a beer

Green apple
Warming malt

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Nose:Fresh hoppy citrus, malty notes, fresh apples
Palate:Sweet vanilla, fresh green apple, malty sweetness
Finish:Long vanilla malty sweetness