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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Little Quaker Ruby Red Edition Gin

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

Little Quaker Ruby Red Edition Gin

From The Little Quaker Distillery

A beautifully light Quaker gin, full of juniper with citrus notes from lemon and orange. Coriander seeds and a red grape infusion give an extra twist.

The gin is macerated for 24 hours with the lemon and orange peel, a heavy helping of juniper and some pineapple which gives it a real light citrus feel. Once the gin has been distilled it is left to rest for 24 hours with black grapes used in the production of red wine. After 24 hours the gin is filtered and bottled. The red grapes do two things to the gin, firstly they give the spirit a subtle creamy sweet finish that really surprises everyone who tries it, secondly the grapes give off the red wine colour leaving the gin with a beautiful deep red colour.™ flavour guidance

Impressive and Creamy

Ruby Red is a fantastic gin with fruity aromas of damson, orange zest and grape, opening onto a silky palate.

Ideal mixer: Pink peppercorn tonic

Recommended garnish: Dried orange wheel

Ideal serve: Double gin with pink peppercorn tonic and a slice of orange

Orange zest
Grape & damson

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Nose:The tannin from the wine hits straight away then the grapes form a damson aroma before the juniper enters.
Palate:A silky smooth creamy feel
Finish:Fruity notes follow the zesty citrus orange notes
Serve:Large measure of gin, lots of ice, splash of pink peppercorn tonic and a wheel of dried orange.