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IWSC 2020 Gin Winners

Ave del Paraiso Premium Gin

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IWSC 2020 Bronze Award Winner

Ave del Paraiso Premium Gin

From Roberto Acuña Elvira

Made in Lanzarote - ingredients: juniperus , sweet potatoes (not sweet flavour), citronella, lime peel and cardamom. This gin is dry and notes a little bit bitter, citrus and spicy by cardamom.

Different, Innovative, a strong personality and freshness. Just impressive™ flavour guidance

Elegant and Impressive

Made in Lanzarote - Different, Innovative, a strong personality and freshness. Just impressive

Ideal mixer: A neutral tonic

Recommended garnish: Lemongrass stalk, lime peel or cardamom

Ideal serve: Gin & Tonic


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Nose:Elegant overtones of citrus with the earthy addition of cardamom
Palate:Balanced use of citronella and peel of lime with soft spices of cardamom
Finish:Elegant, bold, vibrant citrus and botanicals coming through per separate , finally juniperus flavour is really present
Serve:Serve as a Classic Gin & Tonic, without garnish or just add leaf of citronella