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Advice for Craft Distillers from the Portman Group

Explore the free advice available to craft and independent distillers from the Portman Group. 

About the Portman Group

The Portman Group is the self-regulatory body for the alcohol industry in the UK. They are to be a key speaker at the Ginposium the 2019 gin industry annual conference. Since inception more than 25 years ago, Portman has set high standards for the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks.

In the last 12 months, it has however received increasing numbers of complaints about gins sold by small and independent producers. Portman are keen to engage these producers to let them know about the rules and regulations around alcohol marketing in the UK. If producers are aware of Codes of Practice then their marketing is more likely to be compliant and less likely to be subject to an upheld complaint – leaving them free to distil great gins and grow their companies. Areas of possible risk include correctly identifying your product as alcoholic and avoiding appealing to children under the Portman Group Codes, legal requirements under the Food Information Regs, how to avoid slipping up on social media, as well as how to get your artwork right.

See the Portman online video promoting their Advisory Service and encouraging new and small producers to use their free, confidential service. The Portman advice team respond to all enquiries within 48 hours, checking the submitted materials against past decisions by the Panel, and giving producers a view on how likely the material is to comply with the Code.

If necessary, the team suggest amendments to bring the names, labels and promotions in line with the Codes. It’s a quick and simple way to get peace of mind that your names, labels and promotions are compliant. They also have guidance documents on their website that can be downloaded. These give producers an in-depth understanding of how each Code rule is likely to be interpreted, with example cases included.

Portman will be launching a new, updated version of the Code in spring 2019. The 6th edition of the Code, which is being drawn up following a consultation with industry, is likely to include a new rule on serious or widespread offence and a definition of immoderate consumption. For advice: email or call 020 7290 1460.

Cotswolds Distillery:

Adam Henson visits the Cotswold distillery for Countryfile to talk about using his barley in the Cotswolds products.

The Gin Palace
From Hendrick’s Gin

Explore the world of Hendrick’s Gin with this quirky look into life in the Girvan Distillery.

An introduction to Edinburgh Gin

Duration 2.05  Learn about Edinburgh Gin’s inspiration and their connection to the historical city of Edinburgh, which is at the heart of everything they do.

The Edinburgh Gin Distillery
Behind the scenes

Duration: 2.09 Behind the scenes at The Edinburgh Gin distillery in the heart of Edinburgh, where their gin is distilled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

Cotswolds Distillery:
BBC Midlands report

Find out how the Cotswolds Gin Distillery is using crowdfunding in the heart of Gloucestershire to expand their business.

Edinburgh Gin’s fruit liqueurs

Duration: 1.02 Finlay Nicol, head distiller at Edinburgh Gin, explains how their famous Raspberry, Elderflower and Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueurs are created.

BBC Breakfast:
Greenalls Distillery

Duration: 1.20 Joanne from Greenalls Distillery talks to the BBC about the range of botanicals that go into a gin.

Monocle Special:
Oracle Gin Distilleries

Duration: 7.18 Like craft breweries, small distilleries are reinventing drinks that have fallen out of fashion. Monocle films visits distilleries in London, Hamburg & Finland.

Cotswolds Distillery:
How we do it

Duration 4.43  Find out how the Cotswolds Distillery team achieve their excellence in gin production using outstanding natural spirits.

Cotswolds Distillery:
BBC Midlands report

Duration: 2.21 Find out how the Cotswolds Gin Distillery in the heart of Gloucestershire is using geography and chemistry to create a unique gin brand.