Persie Distillery, voted Best Brand at the Scottish Gin Awards in 2023 in recognition of its outstanding efforts in animal welfare fundraising, has launched Unbridled Gin as the latest in its Charity Collection, with £5.00 per bottle donated to World Horse Welfare.

The award-winning family-owned spirit brand in Glenshee, Scotland, was drawn to the equine charity as it seeks to improve the lives of all equids (horses, ponies, donkeys and mules), whatever the nature of their relationship with humankind. World Horse Welfare’s vision is a world where suffering is stamped out and all these animals are treated with respect, compassion and understanding.

Simon Fairclough, distiller and managing director, explains:

“It appeals to us that gin lovers can help to raise funds for animal welfare as they enjoy a snifter. After several years of sponsoring dog and cat charities it’s a perfect fit for us to team up with a global organisation that makes a big difference to horses’ lives. World Horse Welfare’s sterling work for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules is life-changing and we are proud to be a partner.”

Peter Rowbottom, Director of Fundraising at World Horse Welfare, said: “We are delighted to embark on this relationship with Persie Distillery – a company that is striving to build on its efforts to raise funds for animal welfare. We love the playful, horse-themed botanicals in this World Horse Welfare gin and, for anyone who enjoys a tipple, there is the added benefit of knowing it is helping horses desperately in need.”

And the gin itself? Not surprisingly Unbridled Gin features horse-friendly ingredients such as green apples! This special bottling celebrates the exhilarating experience of a good hack, so there are top notes of fresh cut grass and apples, and heart notes of hay and sandalwood. The result is a spirit that captures the warmth of the special bond between horse and rider.

Customised bottles are also available with the option to feature a picture of an individual horse or horses on the back label.

Unbridled Gin follows the launch of Labrador Gin and Spaniel Gin in 2018, and Dachshund Gin Liqueur in 2019, with each bottle sold raising funds for Scottish dog rescue charity PADS. Each gin has been carefully created to reflect the breed: Labrador Gin is classic, mellow and warming (juniper with eucalyptus); Spaniel Gin is lively and spicy (nutmeg and cinnamon); and Dachshund Gin is sweet but sharp (it is a lime and orange gin liqueur). Pusscat Vodka launched in 2020 as a fundraiser for Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, and Terrier Gin and Whippet Gin were 2023 releases raising money for Terrier SOS and JR Whippet Rescue.

World Horse Welfare is a charity that works to improve equine welfare by strengthening the human-horse relationship. It strives to help all horses, including horses in need, horses in sport and leisure, and horses used for work and production.