A series of 3 pieces of artwork have been created by two sisters (originally from Guildford in England but living in Auckland in New Zealand) to celebrate botanicals used in the making of our wonderful spirit.

It all started with a conversation around a table with three complete strangers who (over a glass or two), became collaborators and friends. Botanicals is the beginning of a collection of works exploring the flora and fauna used in the creation of Gin.

Gin has a rich and layered history and this is something we have tried to evoke through our layered and immersive artworks. Gin is predominantly flavoured with Juniper and this provides the backdrop for the three artworks launched at Art in the Park, this week at Eden Park in Auckland.

Just as distillers select their botanicals for scent and flavour, we have selected our botanicals for form and colour. Peppercorns nestle up to citrus blossom and vanilla pods. Cucumber leaves roll and entangle themselves around cardamon and lemongrass. Sweet smelling lavender sways alongside sage and coriander and the flags of the bearded Iris stand tall.

All three artworks are created from our colourful, repurposed steel drums, which are a waste product from the local food industry. The blooms and foliage are laser cut and brought to life by rolling and manipulating the forms and each element is then carefully welded in place and layer upon layer is added to fill the mesh framework.

CLASSIC: Inspired by Mother Nature’s colours, this is our take on a Classic Gin composition. Greens take centre stage, complemented with whites, purples, apricots and creams. This is the unadulterated, original version of the collection.

KICKBACK:  It’s dusk in a luxuriously dark, intimate, velvet draped interior. Our Kickback (and relax) composition is sophistication with a mischievous streak! Dusky pinks to the deepest, darkest blues.

ADVENTUROUS: The wild child. Untamed, full throttle, a ‘More is More’ lover of life. A ‘cocktail’ of colour, from yellows to corals to lilacs.

Each work is 60cm by 42cm in size, housed within a natural wood frame. With our METcALfe signature etched on the back of the frame.

For more information about Katie & Amy, the creative sisters behind METcALfe. Please visit us at metalmetcalfe.com

For more information about Art in the Park, 8-11th September 2022. Please visit artinthepark.co.nz