The 2019 Ginposium (the Gin Guild gin industry annual conference, held on June 7th), was once again an informative day for members of the gin trade, with attendees from international brands to small two man concerns, mixer producers, bottle suppliers, marketing and design consultants, botanical suppliers and others from the industry.

The Ginposium was a perfect blend of content – from professional advice to thought provoking new products”.

“A very successful Ginposium yesterday covering a wide variety of subjects. All good speakers and many complementary comments heard during the final network session”.

Very good fun and a great end to another brilliant Ginposium! It is a seriously good event – congratulations”.

The Ginposium included a panel session on the much-debated topic de jour “Innovation in gin (e.g. low abv, fruit, pink/orange etc.) is good for the category and will take it to the next level, or it is blurring the lines of what gin is for consumers?”.

The view was that there were products that were blurring what was gin and that there were some that needed to be better explained to consumers in order that they can compare like for like and not just be led by price.

Technical and professional content was also covered with an innovative and well tested sensory training service, reflecting the key importance of ensuring use of a quality base spirit when making a quality gin, as well as a very informative legal birds eye coverage of key issues from a major international law firm, on protecting brand and Intellectual Property rights.

A informative session from the Portman Group covered the rules and regulations for marketing in the UK and avoiding complaints and breaches. Innovation and the effect of new products driving copycat imitators and the damage caused to the industry by some entrants jumping on gin bandwagon with an eye only on short term objectives was a powerful message, as was the session celebrating the longevity of the iconic brand Gordon’s, which celebrates it 250th birthday this year.

The event closed with a splendidly humorous, irreverent and very lively review of the Australian gin scene once again aided by some exemplar products from down under, followed by a networking session over gin and mixer serves provided by the new Suntory mixer brand Merchant’s Hearts who showcased their range of a range of seven spirit enhancers, designed to bring out the great flavours in premium spirits – enhancing, not masking the carefully crafted botanicals and flavours.

As ever the Gin Guild will ensure that the quality content is made available to the widest possible audience and that it remains accessible, as part of its mission to educate and inform the industry, media and beyond, by having the event professionally filmed and then placing the edited content on this website.

Resources now available to download

Ginposium 2019 programme
A leaf out of your book Developments in the botanical trade and how, in an expanding market and with variable climate conditions, one deals with quality control.Tommy HaughtonBeacon Commodities
Bottling it Glass innovation – Bespoke or off the shelf, decoration, size and the design process. Design trends and innovation. Brand penetration, line extensions and scalability.Nolan KaneAllied Glass
Dark satanic stills? What today are the ‘stills traditionally used for gin? How does your still design affect your gin?Dr Anne BrockBombay Sapphire
Growing pains Dead kings, grotesque gins and mighty big explosion. The journey from kitchen to micro distillery. A guide for distillery startups.Ben Marston,Puddingstone Distillery
Tutored gin tasting What’s new for 2019? This session looks at some of the more interesting new releases, as well as gin trends to keep an eye on.David T
Structuring Sensory Practices for Gin Quality & Innovation Regardless of style, base spirit neutrality is extremely important. Off-notes cause adverse effect on flavour consistency and stability.Evelyne CanterranneFlavorActiV
Gin-personator! Protecting your brand & IP against look-a-likes and infringersCiara CullenRPC
Innovation and Educators clear the path for imitators and disrupters Tom WarnerWarner’s Distillery
Gordon’s Gin: 250 years young 2019 is the 250th anniversary for Tanqueray Gordon & Co’s iconic gin. Notes on its recipe for success.Terry Fraser Joanne McKercharDiageo
Striking the balance between creativity and compliance With increasing numbers of complaints about small and independent gins, it is more important than ever to stay on the right side of the Codes.Alistair TaylorThe Portman Group
Ripsnorter – The gin view from AustraliaStuart GregorFour Pillars Distillery