This is an urgent request to UK gin distilleries who are, or who can, diversify to produce hand sanitiser for commercial sale.

It comes from Sodexo, who are strategic property management partners to the Department for Work and Pensions and a strategic supplier to wider government. They are working with the DWP in this time of national crisis to support the thousands of front-line and back of house staff who are providing support to the welfare state which, at this time, is absolutely essential to millions of people.

Sodexo have, like many industries, had difficulty in ensuring an adequate and continued supply of hand sanitiser and sanitising cleaning product.

Sodexo report that there are more than 800 sites across the UK that remain operational that require greater supply of sanitiser product.

Sodexo are supporting the Facilities Management (FM) supplier to the DWP (Interserve) in sourcing alternative supplies of hand sanitiser.

Sodexo have been in touch with independent gin distilleries who are diversifying themselves in manufacturing hand sanitiser for commercial sale. They have asked the Gin Guild to contact members in the UK that they can speak to regarding sustained provision of product over the coming months.

If you are a distillery that is already producing or can diversify to the production of hand sanitiser for commercial sale and, again, please use the form below to ensure the quickest response.

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    Please also supply Sodexo with any sources of supply of neutral spirit that can be made available for that purpose – several Guild members report they are already running low, and possible suppliers of suitable delivery containers/bottles etc. as that will speed a co-ordinated response.

    Your support of this critical public service is very much appreciated.