Bob and Matthew Russell, co-founders of Kent’s Copper Rivet Distillery, believe they will be among the first gin producers to showcase this summer’s grain crop.

As one of only around ten of Britain’s gin distilleries making their own base spirit, they have already started receiving their freshly harvested, locally-grown cereals at their distillery on the s hores of the River Medway in Chatham’s Historic Dockyard.

Matthew explained:

“As the farms are so easterly and soak up the heat, we believe we will be amongst the first gins to showcase this year’s crop. The continuous sunshine this year has hit volumes, but from our perspective the quality is looking great.

“There will be less grain available this year. There’ll be fewer seeds with less energy in them which means less starch, less sugar and ultimately alcohol, but we won’t know the extent of this for a while.”

The grain for their Copper Rivet Dockyard Gin is grown on the nearby Isle of Sheppey where the Russells choose the fields in which their wheat, barley and rye will be grown – creating a truly Kentish spirit.

Already they are being ground, mashed, and distilled ready to be introduced to their chosen botanicals. Copper Rivet’s distiller Abhi Banik designed his own gin stills and commissioned them from Chatham to allow him to control his distillation process and gain maximum subtlety from his botanicals.