Claire Battault

(Warden Nominated by Gabrielle Boudier) – Gabrielle Boudier

Claire Battault of Gabriel Boudier, like her grand uncle, grandfather and Jean Battault, her father, is a great defender of the London Dry Gin recipe of the company. She represents the new generation of this family owned business dating back as it does to 1874 and is the first woman to have key responsibilities in the company. Although French, Claire seeks to keep us on our international toes and recites, in this her personal summary, in Latin, the motto Aliam vitam alio mores, which translates (more or less), as Another life, another character.

Jared Brown

(Warden Nominated by Sipsmith) – Sipsmith

Jared Brown made his first spirits at the age of ten, after reading that early American colonists froze cider and lifted out the ice to make applejack. Since then this famed drinks historian has become Sipsmith’s Master Distiller and has continued obsessing on his favourite subject: authentic London Dry Gin.

Andy Dawson

(Warden Nominated by Broker’s) – Broker’s

Andy, and his brother Martin, as we have already covered earlier, developed Broker’s dry gin in 1998 and work hard to promote that worldwide.

Sion Edwards

(Warden Nominated by Warner Edwards) – Warner Edwards

Sion is the second partner in Warner Edwards. They produce Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin. As Warner Edwards is currently still a two man operation, Sion also deals with distilling, bottling, selling, marketing and everything else needed in the running of a small distillery!

Edward Bramley Kain

(Warden Nominated by Bramley & Gage) – Bramley & Gage

As mentioned earlier Edward Kain was one of the co-founders of Bramley & Gage. The company now exports Six O’Clock Gin (and their own brand of tonic) to 11 countries and are stocked in the UK by Waitrose and distributed to many independent off-licences and bars.

Alex Nicol

(Warden Nominated by Edinburgh Gin)

As advised Jane Nicol and Alex Nicol have developed and established Edinburgh gin. Alex first worked in the gin industry in 1985, marketing Plymouth Gin and later with Beefeater whilst with William Burroughs. The new still is due to launch in June 2014.

Johnny Neill

(Warden Nominated by Halewood International) – Whitley Neill

Johnny Neill is the creator of Whitley Neill, a London Dry Gin with African inspiration. His family distilling background dates back to 1762. His Father was a Director of G&J Greenall and Greenall Whitley, his Great Uncle was Chairman and his Great Grandfather Managing Director. Whitley Neill was launched in 2005 and is now part of the Halewood International portfolio where Johnny works to continue the international development of this gin brand and other quality spirits in the Halewood portfolio.