Details of nominations or sponsorships to the Gin Guild by our Founder members at the Spring Installation, May 2014.

Sponsorship by Chivas

Nathan O’Neill

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Nathan O’Neil has worked in some of the highest regarded bars in the industry, including the Merchant Hotel in Belfast and Milk & Honey in London, whilst also winning significant accolades including winning the 2012 Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition.

Using his bartending and cocktail expertise, Nathan has also contributed to industry leading publications such as Diffords Guide and Imbibe magazine.  In 2014 Nathan will become fully affiliated with drinks development for the team at Mr. Lyan, a heady cocktail which is sure to produce some exciting times ahead for London’s gin scene.

Nick Strangeway

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Nick Strangeway commands the highest respect in the bartending world. He began bartending under the tutelage of Dick Bradsell and he became ever-present at numerous seminal bars along the way: The Flamingo, Detroit, Atlantic Bar & Grill, Che, Floridita, Hawksmoor, Mark’s Bar at Hix, and in 2008 was awarded the prestigious title of International Mixologist of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

During this remarkable journey, Nick’s cocktail menus have increasing developed with gin at their core. He led a talismanic re-discovery of London’s cocktail heritage and London’s cocktail recipes, maintaining that London bartenders should serve London cocktails, made with London’s spirit: Gin. He has brought the same passion for sourcing his gins to sourcing authentic local natural ingredients for his cocktails, a trend he continues with his sought-after consultancy on bars and spirits creation.

Nominations and/or sponsorship by Diago

Thomas Aske

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Thomas Aske started out glass-collecting at the Cafe Metz in Nottingham in 1998, before working in a series of other venues in the city. In 2005 he became Jose Cuervo brand ambassador, before moving to Reserve Brands in 2006. He is co-founder of Fluid Movement, the consultancy firm behind Purl and Worship Street Whistling Shop. The Worship Street Whistling Shop is said to combine the charm of Victorian squalor with the elegance of grand Gin Palaces, and is one of the top places for cocktails in the capital.