These members have been appointed as Rectifiers and appointed in their own right and provenance at the Spring Installation.

Jamie Baxter

Jamie joined Tyrrells Potato Crisps in 2006 and started to design and build what became Chase Distillery. As Director and Master Distiller he was responsible for developing and installing the plant, development of all products, and then running the distillery. From 2011 he has worked as a consultant helping craft distillers get started and, as a then shareholder, helped Jonathan Clark with the City of London Distillery. He now part owns 45 West Distillers, a distillery which makes gin (and other products) and continues to provide consultancy services to breweries and distilleries, such as the East London Liquor Co, which will start production in the summer.

Ben Ellefsen

Ben runs Master of Malt, one of the UK’s leading e-retailers of spirits – including several hundred types of gin! He also produces a number of distilled gins, including the Spectator Gin, The Times London Dry Gin, the ‘Origin’ single botanical range focusing on Juniper Terroir, and the Worship Street Whistling Shop’s Cream Gin.

Allen Gibbons

Allen is CEO of IWSC, the International Wine & Spirit Competition. He has been closely involved in the promotion of quality gin production. This includes development of the annual spirits tasting in conjunction with the Worshipful Company of Distillers, where gin is a key feature and work with the Gin Guild to increase the profile of gin, including the award of Gin Guild gin awards at the annual IWSC Spirit Awards. The latter focuses on the encouragement of gin quality through the competition and the promotion of IWSC category winners.

Matthew Gilpin

Matthew is the founder of Westmorland Spirits Ltd and the creator of Gilpin’s Westmorland Extra Dry Gin. Launched in early 2012, his gin has already won several awards, including a Gold Medal at the IWSC and ‘best label’ at the UK Packaging Awards. He exports to several countries, including Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Peter Meacock

Bath is already famed for its buns and its health-giving (and rather unusual tasting) thermal waters and now might also become known for its gin – which is NOT made from the thermal waters.

Peter Meacock, the owner of the Canary gin bar on Queen Street has created Bath Gin with the help of expert mixologist Tim Whelehan. It has 10 botanicals, including kaffia leaf and wormwood.

Maurizio Fanelli Pratali

Mr Pratali is a very welcome addition to the Guild. Apart from joining the swelling ranks of members from outside the UK, reflecting the truly worldwide appeal and reach of gin, he is one of the people without whom gin would not be possible. Mr Pratali is the trade manager for Webb James, an Italian company based in Livorno, who supply some of the key botanicals – including that essential botanical juniper – to the gin trade. Traditional products, such as juniper berries and orris root powder are collected in the Tuscany region, together with other typical items like licorice from Calabria and orange peels from Sicily. Other botanicals such as coriander, angelica root, cassia and so on are also traded. They are no newcomer to the business, having been spice producers and processors since 1793.