These members have been appointed as Rectifiers and appointed in their own right and provenance at the Autumn Installation.

Daniel Szor – Cotswold Distilling Company Ltd

Daniel is the founder and owner of the Cotswold Distilling Company Ltd. His is the first ever full-scale distillery in the Cotswold’s. It produces a range of artisanal ultra premium spirits including (of course) Cotswold’s Dry Gin. The doors were opened on 1st July 2014.

Alexander Wolpert – East London Liquor Company

Alexander Wolpert is the founder of the East London Liquor Company. He produces a range of gins in varying ABV’s.

John O’Dowd – Liverpool Gin

After a lifetime spent in the printing industry where all the deals were done with a glass in hand, John returned to his native Liverpool where he moved to the other side of the bar and saw that the future was juniper flavoured and called Liverpool Gin. Liverpool Gin is a premium organic product which reflects the history behind Liverpool’s bustling docks, which for centuries welcomed many of the botanicals and grain spirit that now combine to create this gin and production is based just a stone’s throw from the original Bank Hall distillery and the fruity, aromatic recipe pays homage to the original gin made there.

D T Smith

David is a gin specialist and spirits writer who has spoken at conference, judges’ spirits competitions and consulted on gin projects on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of ‘The Craft of Gin’, ‘How to Make Gin’ and ‘Forgotten Spirits and Long-lost Liqueurs’.

Michael Haughton – Beacon Commodities

Michael has been trading in botanicals and spices for over 30 years supplying the major gin distillers in the UK and other parts of the world, latterly with his own company Beacon Commodities. Beacon purchase botanicals in origin, ships them into the UK and stocks it for their gin customers.

Tommy Haughton – Beacon Commodities

Tommy also works with Beacon Commodities, which supplies both major and smaller craft distillers and notes as to the later that they have seen a new market arise from the need for smaller quantities of botanicals for the craft distiller market. Beacon works closely with its suppliers to ensure the continuity and quality of supply, regularly visiting the growing regions.