Jean Battault – Gabriel Boudier

Jean Battault is the Managing Director of Societe Anonyme des Etablissements Gabriel Boudier. In 1945 that company was appointed as the supplier of gin to the US army in Europe. They use the same recipe today, distilled in pots acquired in 1874. Realising that curry was fast becoming standard UK fare, supplanting beef and Yorkshire pudding, Jean spotted the key role of saffron and went on to create the successful Saffron Gin.

Martin Dawson – Broker’s

Martin, and his brother Andy, developed Broker’s dry gin in 1998 and work hard to promote that world-wide.  Broker’s is a brand with personality and playfulness.  Martin and Andy Dawson chose the image of a bowler-hatted gentlemen – an archetypal stockbroker – to reflect the fact that historically England is the home of gin and make great play on that quirky marketing approach, including down to the bottle top itself – a bowler hat!

Michael Kain – Bramley & Gage

Bramley & Gage have been manufacturing and marketing sloe gin since 1989 and Six O’Clock gin (in its distinctive blue bottles) since 2010. Started as a cottage enterprise business by Edward Bramley (who we also welcome to the Guild later) and Penny Gage, the business is now run by their children Felicity Hall and Michael Kain, who takes on the Warden position for the company.

Jane Nicol – Edinburgh gin

Almost four years ago Jane Nicol and Alex Nicol developed and established Edinburgh gin, a high botanical small batch gin based on an old Edinburgh recipe. They have built the brand, winning ‘Best new drink product and award for export in 2012, from Scotland Food & Drink. This summer they open their still (and bar) in central Edinburgh, in partnership with Heriot Watt university’s department of Brewing and Distilling, establishing a centre of excellence for Gin and innovation which will drive exports and facilitate product development.

Tom Warner – Warner Edwards

Tom Warner is one of the partners in Warner Edwards. They are an award winning, farm-based craft distillery focused on small batch artisan production.  They produce Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin