Chivas has installed as rectifiers eight new members at our recent Autumn Installation in October 2014

Martin Riley

Martin Riley’s long connection with gin started about 30 years ago, while working on Beefeater Gin. He helped introduce Beefeater double gin and tonic to the UK market (mixed doubles), and later became International Marketing Director for the Brand until 1997.   Again, with Pernod Ricard, Martin oversaw both Beefeater & Plymouth Gins as Marketing Director for Chivas Brothers; and today is Group CMO.

Francisco Lola

Frank Lola began his career as a bartender more than 10 years ago, working in some of the best London bars and Agencies as Astor Bar & Grill or Create Cocktails, but it was in 2006 when his passion for Gin was revealed after a few events at the Beefeater bar distillery, where he learned a lot about Gin with the Beefeater Brand Ambassador and Master Distiller, Desmond Payne. In 2012 Frank won the Spanish Ambassador’s Awards in two categories: Gin and Masters Ambassador.

Nowadays, Frank is the Spanish Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin, Consultant Mixology expert for Pernod Ricard España and head Bartender of Eccola Bar & Restaurant in Madrid, where more than 50 different types of Gin and cocktails are served.

Nick Van Tiel

Nick has spent 4 years promoting and educating on Pernod Ricard’s Gin brands and has developed a strong reputation amongst the trade as an authority on gin in the major East coast markets, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. Nick was also instrumental in the US launch of the award winning Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve.

Hisashi Kishi

Mr. Hisashi Kishi is the current president of Japan’s NBA (Nippon Bartenders Association). He has personally invested much energy to make Gin No.1 within the white spirits category in Japan. Kishi-san is the owner of Star Bar Ginza, and is also the first Japanese bartender to win an International Cocktail Competition award (in1996) for his original gin-based “Milky Way” cocktail.

Ilia Astafev

Ilia is a co-owner of Gin Tonic Cocktail Bar in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  He has been working for more than 10 years in the restaurant and bar business. Being always a passionate champion for Gin, this is the main component in the cocktails served at Gin Tonic bar. With more than 170 different Gins brands of Gin, his bar it’s certainly the place with the biggest selection in Russia.

Evgeny Gorbunov

Mr Gorbunov is the other co-owner of Gin Tonic Cocktail Bar in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Evgeny also has over ten years experience in the industry. His Gin Tonic Cocktail Bar promotes Gin in St Petersburg, but in the and Russia.

Steven Evans

Steven has been a pivotal part of the successful relationship with Plymouth Gin. He has excelled in its promotion and has been at the helm of both Plymouth Gin promotions and others at London Heathrow in Terminals 3 and 5, and has been instrumental in promoting awareness about Gin, educating both air passengers and colleagues alike about Gin.  His passion for the brand and the story is second to none.

Enrique Candela

Enrique is regarded as one of the best consultants in the spirits industry within the Duty Free field, and he is regularly selected for major events and promotions. He has worked for the liquor category at London Heathrow Airport for over 10 years, with an emphasis on gin, which is his real passion. Enrique has been instrumental in educating the employees of the Duty Free at London Heathrow as to the wonders and attributes of gin.