Read more about upcoming gin-related events in the UK and across Europe, including the Gin of the Year 2015 awards

Spirit Summit

6 October 2015
We will be speaking on the gin renaissance at the above event on 6 October. The event is sponsored by Diageo and the Morning Advertiser.

Martini event London Cocktail Week

8 October 2015
As part of LCW the Guild is hosting a trade only seminar on the 8th October on the quintessential gin cocktail, the Martini. Award-winning drink historians Anistasia Miller and Gin Guild member Jared Brown, of Mixellany Limited, will take participants through a hands-on session, taking them through the steps of selecting the perfect Martini ingredients to suit individual taste and style.

The venue is Gillray’s gin bar at the London Marriott hotel, County Hall Westminster Bridge. The event is open to trade attendees only (on presentation of their LCW armband and by pre-booking at [email protected]). Guild members are also welcome to attend – please book in advance.

Craft Distilling Expo

7-8 October 2015
The Craft Distilling Expo is back for its third year, featuring a range of vendors working in still manufacture, system design, bottles, and packaging. There will also be a series of seminars, panel discussions and workshops, including some given by Guild Members such as Sipsmith, Dr. Anne Brock, and David T. Smith. David and Anne will be presenting a new talk, “Gin FAQ”, covering some of the more controversial aspects of gin production.

Alpine Gin event

Autumn 2015 TBA
Britain is known as the mother of all gin’s, including the eponymous London Dry style and The Old Tom style. Several of the latest wave of new Gins however originate from alpine countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Their distillers are well known for perfect fruit spirits, but is their Gin any good? The Gin Guild is very pleased to have secured Arthur Nägele as a speaker on Alpine Gins. Mr Nägele will speak, at a central London venue, on a selection of “Alpine Gins”. He will provide a guided/commented comparison tasting focusing on differences such as distillation, botanicals and style.

Bookings and details via the DG.

Bath Feast

October 2015
Bath business puts on an annual food and drink event in October every year called Great Bath Feast. Last year they put on over 150 events and attracted over £1 Million worth of publicity and PR for the city. We were approached to find gin brands who might like to put on a gin themed party event in one of the most stunning buildings that the city has – the recently refurbished Holburne Museum. Members 6 O’Clock Gin and Bath Gin have volunteered.

Spirited London: Gin and the City – Part of the Night Shift Programme

30 October 2015
Having been tantalised by three Gin Guild events in their theatre to date, London Transport Museum are hosting a consumer event as part of their Night Shift Programme. Each year the Guild puts on a number of similar consumer profile and awareness events to promote the spirit at various locations and venues.

London Transport Museum invites patrons to journey through the long and chequered history of gin, from its medicinal roots, through the 18th Century Gin Craze, up to today’s gin resurgence. Nicholas Cook and Tom Hills (Distiller at The East London Liquor Company), will guide the audience through the tasting of eight history defining gins. You will have all seen this before, so can enjoy a quiet night at home.

Gin data

We have had further discussions with CGA about the production, at a special rate to Guild members, of accurate up-to-date gin sales and other data of commercial use to gin brand owners. CGA asked to speak to a sample of the membership and this was arranged. CGA have now spoken to half a dozen members about their requirements. We hope to give details of the package very shortly.

Gin of the Year 2015

Gin Guild Members from across Europe who have released a new gin since October 2014 are invited to submit their gins to the Distilling Expo’s Gin of the Year Competition. Entry is free. Terms & conditions apply. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit

January 2016 International Hotel Awards

Leading quality hoteliers from around the globe will be attending the International hotel awards at the Savoy Hotel London in January 2016. We hope to secure a prelunch speaking slot on the gin revival together with some tastings.

We also plan to provide a cocktail bar, with brand ambassadors, and a wider tasting opportunity before the event dinner. Member brands were submitted to the organisers and they have selected one to provide the serve to the delegates.