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Distilleries producing gin in the UK & Abroad

Despite the headline figures bandied about as to the number of distilleries listed by HMRC and the claims that this growth in distillery numbers is all down to gin, we think the headlines are a little misleading.

Our understanding of the headline figures from HMRC is that the figures are a ‘licences issued’ figure. Those licences include a number of processes, not all of which are distilling or rectification (re-distilling). HMRC headline figures also include compounding (a non-distilled liquor processes, often used, but not identified as their process by some brand owners, involved in non-distilled gin production) and licence holders that have moved.

Not all gin is distilled gin (the EU does allow compounded and non-distilled products to be labeled as ‘gin’), but the Gin Guild only recognises distilled gin, the higher production classification. Not all licence holders actually use their licences. Not all companies who describe themselves as “Distillers” or “Distilleries” actually distil themselves.

Identifying UK gin distilleries is thus not quite as simple as one might think. We have attempted, in-house, to identify UK gin producers by firstly listing their gins (our list currently grows weekly), and then investigating if the brand is self produced, and, if so, whether the producer is distilling (or is using a non-distilled/compounded production method).

To date (and it is an ever changing field of play), we have identified well over 600 UK gin brands and, from that information, around 191 gin distilleries. We have attempted to map the gin distilleries on our interactive mapping.

We cannot claim to be perfect in our search and identification, so if you find a UK gin that is distilled by the brand owner and where it is not listed (new gin brands please also let us know your plans), or where we have listed a gin as being distilled by a brand owner and you believe it is not distilled by them, do please let us know by dropping us an email and we will investigate and, where appropriate, amend the mapping as soon as we can. This site is of funded by members of the Gin Guild, so naturally member entries are more detailed. Membership enquiries are welcomed.