David Thompson has 25 years experience in the electrical industry, focusing on hazardous areas underpinned by the DSEAR regulations. During his career he’s been involved with numerous installations, specialising in risk analysis and area classification.

His experience working with some of the industry leaders in this field led to starting Milaco Engineering consultancy. Since its inception they have assisted clients in the Distilling industry achieve their goals of site safety and compliance in the most efficient way, taking a realistic and pragmatic approach to assess risk.

The Distilling industry presents a lot of risk for owners and Milaco have been able to guide owners at various stages of their business, from new build plants, upscaling production and updating existing plants to ensure they are fully DSEAR compliant.

This session will highlight events that have occurred in other industries, particularly those involved in ethanol, to provide useful learnings for distillers. David will discuss what the distilling industry can take from other industries and implement on top of what they already have in place, to improve safety.

He will provide simple steps for new distilleries to ensure safety in a cost-effective way, and for established operators he will provide a framework that should be in place to ensure continued safety which can be easily managed.

The Health and Safety Executive in the UK and insurance companies are all looking for improvements to operations and this talk is a must for distillery operators.

David Thompson
Milaco Engineering
Website: www.milaco.co.uk
Mobile: 07880343045
Email: david@milaco.co.uk



  • 9th June 2023
  • RSA House, London

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