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Wessex Distillery was started with the aim of developing a range of exceptional gins and fruity spirits using fresh fruits and plants & some of the magic of Wessex.

They operate two stills: Toby, a large Carl copper still, in which they do the main distilling and a tiny Rota-Vap vaccum still called Kylie, ‘cos she always spinning around, which they use for the more delicate flavours.

They have spent a long time experimenting with botanicals and flavour combinations and the diverse flavours of fruits, berries and plants known to be available in Wessex in the Middle Ages and use them to add something a bit different to their gins.

Historians have identified which plants were around at the time from a set of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts called the Herbarium. This old English text focusses on herbal remedies and catalogues over a hundred plants, their purported healing properties and how to use them.

Address:Unit 1, Towergate Business Park,
Coopers Place,
Combe Lane
Telephone:01428 684545

Wessex Distillery Brands

Alfred the Great Gin

This is a London dry gin with an initial thump of piney juniper, enlightening coriander and citrus end notes. The Wessex twist bought to this gin is the chervil, with its faintly aniseed flavour, it was believed in Anglo-Saxon times to "strengthen the stomach" when mixed with honey and a freshly ground poppy.