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Vánagandr Destilerías S.L.

Vánagandr Destilerías S.L.

Address:A, Telva, 13A,
15181 Sigras,
A Coruña
Telephone:+34 981653624

Vánagandr (or Fenrir) is the most famous wolf in Norse mythology, when he is born he is indicated by the gods as the one who according to the prophecy was destined to end the gods in Ragnarök, but he is accepted into the bosom of the gods by order of Odin.

The wolf becomes gigantic and the gods are afraid of him… they tie him up and he frees himself, they tie him up again with larger chains and he frees himself until no one can tie him up anymore, then they ask the dwarves to make a chain that cannot be broken, and they make  Gleipnir , a light and silky ribbon, which, however, no one could break, since it was made with the sound of the cat’s footsteps, the woman’s beard, the roots of the mountains… we wanted contact the dwarves to make our alembic, but they only make impossible things.

When the gods ask Vánagandr if they can tie him up with the chain, he refuses since he does not trust them, they appeal to his pride, you who are so great… and he says yes, but one of them must put the hand in his mouth as a pledge in case he can’t get free.

Then the  God Tyr  puts his hand in his mouth (this moment is the one that our friend,  the illustrator David Pintor,  embodied in our label) and of course he loses it, then they put a sword in his mouth so that he could not bite “and from his mouth flowed the river Ván”, hence the name Ván A Gandr, the monster of the river Ván.

We have built our distillery from scratch and to choose our still we have spoken to manufacturers from all over the world… but in the end we have returned to the origins of distillation with a traditional copper still, preserving the spirit of Galician distillate and uniting us to the long tradition of distillers of our community.

Creating a London Dry gin necessarily requires a distillation process, with all botanists in the still and without any subsequent additions of any ingredient.

To do this we opt for a traditional distillation following the artisanal experience of the distillate in Galicia, our still captures the essence of distillations in a slow way, a distillation lasts about 12 hours and the result is tested before moving on to hydrate and rest before bottling.