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Thames Distillers is an independent gin rectifier and bottler which offers a specialist service to devise, develop and produce gin for its customers.

It has developed over 45 different gins and works in a totally confidential manner with each for each of its clients.

Many of the gins it has developed have gone on to win medals in prestigious competitions such as the IWSC and the ISC.

Address:Timbermill Distillery,
Timbermill Way,
Gauden Road,
Telephone:020 7720 4747

Thames Distillers:

Timbermill Distillery

Thames Distillers Ltd operate Timbermill Distillery in London, providing a confidential and independent service supplying alcoholic drinks, miniatures and standard spirits. They can handle all elements of the production of your product and specialise in distillation, flavouring, packaging and will be able to assist you with all stages of your product's development. Please note this distillery is NOT open to the public.