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The Telser distillery was established in 1880 and is currently operated by the 4th generation of the same family that began it, being a family enterprise.

Over the past 15 years through hard work and development it has achieved considerable international acknowledgements for the quality of their gins, whisky and fruit spirits.

The Telser distillery produces its spirits in a fully handcrafted manner, with wood heated copper stills.

Address:Dorfstrasse 67
9495 Triesen
Telephone:+423 392 53 73

Telser Distillery L Brands

Liechtenstein Dry Gin

Distilled in Liechtenstin, this is a classic London-style dry gin, which is refined with floral blossoms, such as elderflower, camilla and lavender. It is produced in the city of Triesen and has roots going back as far as 1880.