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Spirit of Hven Distillery

The Spirit of Hven distillery produces a unique Organic pot distilled spirit, made on the beautiful island of Hven situated in Öresund between Denmark and Sweden.

The distillery is also unique being only the third pot still distillery ever built in Sweden, and as you know third is a charm. The range in the distillery portfolio covers all from Eau-de-Vie’s and Gin to Vodka and Rum varieties.

The distillery also has its own hotel, bar and restaurant, giving you the possibility of visiting and understanding the heritage of the products. Everything is distilled together in the unique small copper pot stills and the result hand bottled on site.

All spirits made in the distillery are bottled without any additives and without carbon- or chill filtering, which may cause cloudiness in the spirit, this should be considered as quality insurance for your benefit, as the veils are the flavour components in the spirit.

Address:Backafallsbyn AB
SE-260 13 S:t Ibb
Telephone:+46 418 44 99 99

Spirit of Hven Distillery Brands:

Spirit of Hven Navy Strength Gin Bottle

Spirit of Hven Navy Strength Gin

Spirit of Hven Organic Navy Strength Gin is a unique distillate made from grain to bottle on the island of Hven in the strait of Öresund. This wonderful type of gin carries hundreds of years of history. Reshaped and further evolved to comply with new and safe distillation technique to adapt to modern drinking culture and refined taste and scent buds. Historically British commercial and naval fleets during the 18th century, tradition stated that officers drank gin and the lower ranking crew drank rum. With Spirit of Hven Organic Navy Strength Gin they have recreated the original, historical character in a completely new and unique way. Their grain base spirit is mashed in from a recipe with Wheat, Barley and Rye, fermented to 9.8vol% over 68H, and then distilled to 96 vol% in specially designed copper columns.

Spirit of Hven Organic Gin

Spirit of Hven Organic Gin is a true handcrafted distilled gin produced from fresh botanicals which are infused for 24 hours with the finest quality organic grain spirit. Following infusion, distillation is carried out in the unique Hven copper pot stills. The special design incorporating both helmets, baskets and columns promote the development of a fabulous organic distilled gin. The result is an outstanding luxury gin with the delicate aromas and taste of citrus, juniper and grains of paradise. The blended complex that is paramount to Spirit of Hven organic gin is a background of vanilla and spice which combines uniquely with the tradition of juniper. Oak maturation prior to the last distillation gives depth to the character.

Further information:

Spirit of Hven

Spirit of Hven distillery is world unique, one of the worlds smallest commercial pot still distillery, where everything from mashing to fermentation, distilling, maturation and bottling are carried out at site. A small format gives great benefits when wanting to extract maximum scent and taste, a small size gives larger surface area per volume for the chemical reactions to take place and giving the wanted character.
Henric Molin: Spirit of Hven Distillery

Henric Molin: Spirit of Hven Distillery

Swedish distillery Spirit of Hven may be one of the world’s smallest commercial pot still distilleries, but size has not hindered its success. Since beginning their gin expedition in 2008, Henric and Anja Molin’s distillery has certainly benefited from the…