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Rutte Distillery

Rutte Distillery

Address:Vriesestraat 130
3311 NS
The Netherlands

Rutte has a long history; recipes have been passed on from generation to generation. Whereas the industry was looking for cheaper methods and materials during the last century, this ‘innovation’ completely passed by the Rutte family. And that’s a good thing because it means old recipes and craftsmanship have been preserved. Even though the distillery has not been in the hands of the Rutte family since the 1990s, the tradition is kept alive and the company stills follows the same unique distilling process as ancestor Simon did in his days.

Flavour is something that develops but Rutte’s basic principles have never changed and are unique in the Netherlands:

  • No colourants or aromas
    Rutte derives all flavours from fruit, herbs and spices.
  • 100% Natural
    No artificial means to make it look or taste better; real almonds, the natural red of cherries and berries, coffee liqueurs that tastes like real coffee!
  • All from the grain
    The gins and liqueurs are distilled from pure grain alcohol, while malt wine and grain alcohol are used for genever. Malt wine has an intense grain flavour; grain alcohol is more neutral and it is the mildest alcohol available. For all our products we use alcohol made from grain.
  • Selecting the best raw ingredients
    Rutte chooses the most wonderful raw materials nature has to offer; the best cinnamon from Sri Lanka, juniper berries with the aroma of the Italian sun, no frozen fruit but processed when fresh; oranges and lemons are peeled manually.