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Rademon Estate Distillery

At Rademon Estate Distillery they are proud to be Northern Ireland’s First Award Winning Craft Distillery.

Their small batch philosophy ensures that every aspect of their gin meets their exacting vision. Everything is crafted and perfected by hand.

Shortcross Gin was created to be a classical gin with a unique twist; best described as floral meadows, wild berries and grassy notes. It is highly aromatic with an exceptionally long and smooth finish.

Their still was custom made to their bespoke specification by the oldest family of German Still makers, so they like to think of her as something very beautiful and special.

They aim to do things a little differently so they have combined the best of old & new technology; with a 450L Copper Pot Still & two Enrichment Columns. Their Enrichment Columns are truly special, with each housing seven individual bubble plates enabling us to set just the right level of reflux when they distil which helps to create a smooth and aromatic spirit.

They aspired to create something unique that was reminiscent of their surrounding forests and gardens at Rademon Estate. Dense, lush, verdant and alive with nature, it’s a playground of botanicals, from which they draw their inspiration for Shortcross Gin.

They forage wild clover giving a delicate essence of wild meadows.  Elderflowers & elderberries combine to create both uplifting floral notes and smooth sheet flavours, while their local green apples contribute fresh aromas and lively sweet notes.

Their final recipe remains close to their heart but they include Juniper, Coriander, Orange and Cassia to which they blend with their very own pure fresh water drawn from their historic estate well.

Address:Rademon Estate Distillery
County Down,
Northern Ireland,
BT30 9HS

Rademon Estate Distillery Brands:

Shortcross Gin

Northern Ireland’s first premium craft gin, Shortcross gin began as the brainchild of David Boyd-Armstrong, owner of the Rademon Estate in Northern Ireland. This small batch philosophy ensures that every aspect of their gin meets their precise vision. Everything is…

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Rademon Estate Distillery

In establishing Rademon Estate Distillery, Fiona & David Boyd-Armstrong created Northern Ireland’s first Craft Distillery. The inspiration came from Fiona’s passion to rekindle the lost art of distilling in Northern Ireland. Shortcross Gin takes it’s name from their local village,…

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Fiona Boyd-Armstrong: Rademon Estate

Fiona Boyd-Armstrong: Rademon Estate

The Rademon Estate is one of Ireland’s oldest and, thanks to husband and wife team David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, it is now the home of Shortcross Gin. We talk to Fiona about their exciting journey. THE GIN GUILD: What made…